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Raising $$$’s for dogs and cats that will be euthanized unless we raise the dollars needed for their survival

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Whether you are driving your car or in the supermarket there is always going to be another person that is going to behave inconsiderately and without courtesy by cutting you off while driving or beating you to the checkout line or a thousand other things that could happen to invade your personal space, injure your ego or just be plain be disrespectful.

The first reaction is to get angry and retaliate. But, where there is “ANGER” know that “dANGER” is lurking nearby one way or another. The mere fact of just getting angry and allowing someone or something to disrupt your inner peace is not a healthful thing. In order to combat that I have devised a “mantra reminder” that will help you remember to stay calm, take the high road and be a better example and a better person. How will we accomplish this? This is how.

By wearing this simple wristband it will be a reminder to you to “keep your cool” when you remember what it says on your wrist. This is the “mantra reminder”.


(This is the phrase on each wristband)

So how is this going to help our furry friends you may ask.


This is how!

When you purchase a wristband, the ENTIRE (every single penny of profit) will go to an organization that is helping to keep an animal alive. Keeping them alive takes work, commitment and money. These people with that kind of heart and temperament oftentimes don’t have the money but they do have the character. So we have taken it upon ourselves with your help to provide these people with the money they need to feed and house them.

We purchase the wristbands and you buy them from us. We donate the entire profit . We will provide you with wristbands with more motivational messages to make us better people. We will not profit one penny from this. It is important for you to understand this. The entire profit goes to the people that are dedicated and actually doing the work to save these animals. Our service is to help you be a better person but more importantly our purpose is to “save these animals that give us more love and loyalty than we can imagine”.

Thank you. Charles Lallo This is my promise to you!

Visit: www.charleslallo.com/godoggy