In my heart, there's a chapel.
In the chapel, there is music.
In the music, there is love.

- C. Lallo

Thanks for visiting Charleslallo.com.

I’d like to take this moment to get acquainted and tell you something about myself. I grew up in New Jersey. Our first home was in Hoboken and then at the age of six we moved to the Jersey City Heights where I did most of my growing up although much was done in Hoboken as well since my father was in business in that town for almost sixty years serving that community as a retailer selling men’s clothing. My mom was a homemaker.

My mother loved to sing and my father appreciated art. They always supported me in my quest to create and perform music. I began at an early age on the accordion. Although, I preferred playing ball once I started playing music with others I was hooked. Being an only child I felt an obligation to be there for my parents and that meant making a decision to not pursue music as a profession. However, I loved it enough to always keep it in my life. The full impact of the “power of music” hit me when the Beatles made their entrance and the amazing music that followed. During that time the music grew and expanded to include a spiritual quality. The music to me was no longer melody and lyrics. Suddenly, the fact that music comes from the soul had greater meaning and service to others wrapped up in it.

Seeing music differently propelled me to keep doing it in a consistent manner but not just for the sake of entertainment but mostly to serve God as I was and still am a deep and loyal believer in the existence of God. It brought me to a point whereby I was receiving deep yearning to provide something to the world that the God I believed in would be pleased with and that has always been my approach ever since I had a revelation in my thinking to perceive my purpose in this manner. I felt my love for God enabled me to have a desire to bring something to the table that would hopefully benefit humanity in some small way.

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As a young musician it’s like nothing is more important than one’s music. Then as maturity sets in one realizes that as important as the music is there is nothing more important then other people. So, in essence I created this web site to showcase I guess you might say or better yet provide for you music and supporting items that will inspire us all and motivate us all to “come together” in a spirit of love, peace and happiness.

At the very young age of about nine years I took notice to something interesting although at the time I didn’t have a clue to it’s implication. But, I noticed that the words EARTH and HEART are identical in their make up of letters and the sequence in which they flow. It wasn’t until years later that this seemingly unimportant fact began to grow and blossom within me without me even realizing that it seemed to be a seed of something that was growing and needed to be shared.

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Therefore, the underlying theme of my music and other items available on this web site revolve around this uncanny happenstance of EARTH our home and our HEART, home being where the heart is. I believe it is for me to bring it to your attention and for you to expand upon it and allow it to take root in you to give you greater passion for a better world as it has me. So, feel free to question me on it and join me in this movement toward and enlightened world.

“healing our earth one heart at a time”

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Enjoy the music and use this web site to get yourself involved. We welcome your input as this is not solo or one man show. This is for us all to partake and take action to improve the condition our our planet for all it’s wonder and learn how to live in greater harmony and balance with God’s creation.

I will do all I can to inspire you toward a better life for yourself and for the entire planet. Fulfillment and happiness begin within. That is where the real true treasures are.