Greetings and welcome to charleslallo.com.

The intention of this web site is to provide a vehicle for people having a desire to fill their lives with deeper purpose and greater meaning.
This we do through “Music and Word” with the power of the pen!
"Strength In YOUnity"



The EARTH is our HOME - HOME is where the HEART is

As mentioned earlier the intention of this web site is to provide a vehicle for people desiring greater purpose and deeper meaning.
This vehicle is “The Eartheart Experience” a theme comprised of the two most essential elements to every one of us.
These two elements being our home external our EARTH and our home internal our HEART.
"THE EARTHEART EXPERIENCE" is an artistic, musical endeavor comprised of these two most basic “common denominators” to every one of us, our EARTH and our HEART.
It is intended to be a philosophical platform for all to “come together” in a common vision for a future filled with peace, love, kindness and all the virtuous qualities of the human condition.
The concept is intended to transcend all that divide us. ( i.e. religion, politics, race, culture, creed and color) and bring us together in that which can unite us, these being music and philosophy.
As it turns out there is an uncanny and unique synchronicity of these two words of EARTH and HEART that may be taken lightly as coincidence or mere happenstance.
However, we do not see it as such but in fact believe it to be of Divine Expression. The two basic and important elements to every one of us, our external home, our EARTH and our internal home, our HEART are two words that only in the English language use exact same characters in exact same sequence and with exact same numerological value.
We call it “The EARTHEART (earth-heart) EXPERIENCE”.

In essence this web site is about creating a movement, or move-meant to dispel ignorance and elevate our vibrations, lift us higher and guide us and inspire us to seek and enlightened state of mind.
The most important intention is to inspire us all to learn of “the power of purpose” and our purpose for being here.
We are all like individual rays from the same sun or central source of our life. We all emanate from the same source of life, we all awaken from the same source of life.
We are God's rainbow and we are all individuals with a different path.
Even though our paths may differ our ultimate purpose is the same which is“to create heaven on earth!
We all have our inner work and our outher work. We need to provide for our loved ones and others that we care for and when we ultimately serve our greater inner purpose to the ONE that allows us to awaken daily this gives credence to all else that we do. To acknowledge this greater purpose and to understand that love and compassion are the primary drivers provides good karma for us and brings goodness into our world. Keeping this in our heart will bring our world a little bit closer every day into the light and out of the darkness of ignorance. Let the "Age Of Enlightenment (Aquarius) begin! At this web site we will do our best to bring you resources to keep us all on track with a common vision for a bright and beautiful future for our planet beginning right here at home wherever that may be for you. For many of us America is our home and this is where we begin!

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